Leica M10 Body Silver

Leica M10 Body Silver

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The Leica M10 in classical silver chro...

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The Leica M10 in classical silver chrome finish is the newest in the line of the famous Leica M series. The M10 has become more compact, measuring the same as the analogue Leica M4. This makes it not only the thinnest Leica M ever, but on a technical level also the most advanced Leica M. The camera is equipped with a 24 MP CMOS sensor that was specifically designed for the M10, and a Maestro II processor also used in the Leica Q and Leica SL. This ensures very high image quality in combination with a high ISO-range of up to ISO 50,000, adjustable with a dial with the options of A, 100 to 6,400 ISO.

Leica has fit all this into a very compact housing. The bottom and top plate are brass and the chassis of the camera is a magnesium alloy. The camera has rubber finishes to protect from moisture and dust. Leica has redesigned the rangefinder, increasing the visual field with 30% and enlarging the magnification factor to 0.73x. The optimum distance from the eye to the eye cup has been increased with 50%, making it more comfortable to work with for photographers wearing glasses. The housing has been given a minimalistic design on purpose. Shutter speed, aperture and ISO can be adjusted even when the camera is off.

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